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Error Message when uploading paper

When you upload a paper, as part of the conversion process, the program checks for the most common markup error which is to leave a space between the curly bracket and the markup code letter(s)

e.g. { p instead of {p

when such a mistake is detected, the upload is abandoned and an error message reports left and/or right

Left refers to the opening markup and right to closing markup

If you see this message then:
  • go back to the copy you have marked up and are trying to upload
  • search for the error and remove the space between bracket and code
  • if your editor software permits e.g. google docs editor, then key ctrl-F to bring up a search box and type in
    to locate the first left space error (or [space]? for a right error)
  • NB: The programme tells you which types the error(s) is/are but not how many - there could be more than one