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Welcome to the Tutorial for the Fellowship of Meditation Past past papers online

Please note that just a very few example papers are available at the moment. This site is for demonstration and test purposes only.
What are the Papers for?

The papers have been prepared for those practising the Fellowship's form of silent prayer, called Contemplative Meditation. They were written to feed the hearts and minds of an individual or group with short passages that alternate with three periods of silence of 10-15 minutes each.

The papers were originally printed and distributed to Fellowship members. They are now made available freely and can be downloaded to read at home or they can be printed out from your web browser. They should be legible on any web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Here is an introduction to the method called Making Space for Stillness

Finding the right paper

The main purpose of the Papers service is to help you find the right paper and view, download or print it.

There are two routes for your search:
  1. Text search - look for word or phrases anywhere in the paper
  2. Catalogue search - look at a catalogue of authors, sentences, dates etc

The catalogue contains the following details

Series reference 12
Number within series (usually 1-11 - the papers are normally published monthly except August) 8
Year of publication 2005
Sentence contains the focus of the meditation
Word(s) of life Key theme(s)
Author surname Lay
Forename Joan