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Series Number Year Sentence Word of Life Author Surname
Read 46 10 1978 I would live day by day in conscious touch with You, Who are the Truth within me Truth Margaret Hamilton
Read 49 7 1981 Be still and receive the healing, illuminating Power of My Peace within you Peace; Power Margaret Hamilton
Read 50 2 1982 Infinite Life within me, quicken Thou my faith in Thee that I may be healed of all feeling that bears not Thy likeness Life Alma Thompson
Read 50 3 1982 I will be still and learn of Thee, Spirit of Peace within Peace Margaret Kendall
Read 50 5 1982 Thou art come that I may have Life Life Anne Roberts
Read 50 6 1982 Shine through my darkness, Thou creative Light within me Light Eileen M Hore
Read 61 4 1993 Be still and know that I am God, eternal Love within thee Love Kitty Egan
Read 66 2 1998 Through hearkening to my words thou shalt receive My Wisdom and My Peace Wisdom;Peace Elspeth Coombes
Read 66 3 1998 Let the faith that is within me be divinely quickened into Knowledge, Knowledge of Thee. Knowledge Margaret Byatt
Read 66 7 1998 Spirit of Peace within me, quieten my mind, calm my heart and order my life Peace Mada James
Read 67 7 1999 Let the Holiness of My LIfe within you come now forth as Health in your heart and mind and body Health;Life;Holiness Anne Duffin
Read 70 11 2002 Abide in Me and you shall grow daily in the Knowledge of My Peace Peace; Knowledge Mada James
Read 72 10 2004 Trust now and ever in my Love Love Carol Springham
Read 72 11 2004 Cleanse and heal our hearts and minds and unite us in Your Spirit of Peace Peace Pauline Elliott
73 1 2005 In your presence is fullness of Joy Joy Jane Page
Read 73 2 2005 Trust only in Me, and I will lead you into the paths of Righteousness Righteousness Pauline Elliott
Read 73 3 2005 I am your Health, your healing Power within you Health;Power Sarah Teversham
Read 73 4 2005 I will be still and receive Your Peace in my soul, Your Love in my heart, Your Wisdom in my mind Peace;Love;Wisdom Pat Bullamore
Read 73 5 2005 Eternal Beauty of Holiness within me, I thank You that You are opening my heart and mind to Knowledge of You Beauty;Holiness;Knowledge Mary Bevin
Read 73 6 2005 My will is Freedom within you Freedom Valerie Ellis
Read 73 7 2005 Spirit of God within me, You are my holy and unchanging Substance Substance David John
Read 73 8 2005 Thou art the Holy Spirit of inspiration within me. Thou art my Power to fulfil it. Power Jeremy Harvey
Read 73 9 2005 I am the Principle of Life within you; I am working to bring forth My Life in your heart and mind and body. Principle;Life John McAllan
Read 73 10 2005 You are my Strength, my Freedom and my Peace. Strength;Freedom;Peace Jackie Hayes
Read 73 11 2005 O Christ, my Master within, Live Thou Thy Life in me; work Thou Thy will through me Life Mada James
Read 74 1 2006 O Thou who art forever Light, shine through my darkness wth you Creative Love Light; Love Carol Springham
Read 74 2 2006 My infinite Wisdom shall illumine the way wherein thou shalt walk Wisdom Pauline Elliott
Read 74 3 2006 I will strengthen you; yes I will help you; yes I will uphold you with my Righteousness Righteousness Barbara Field
Read 74 4 2006 Trust now and ever in my Love Love Helen Vigor
Read 74 5 2006 In your presence is fullness of Joy Joy Jackie Hayes
Read 74 6 2006 I am your uplifting Power within you Power Audrey Green
Read 74 7 2006 I am the Substance of eternal Truth within you Substance; Truth Pat Bullamore
Read 74 8 2006 That I may know the healing Power of Thy Love in my heart and mind and body Power; Love Catherine Buchanan
Read 74 9 2006 Be still and know the Freedom of My Spirit within you Freedom; Spirit Anne Duffin
Read 74 10 2006 Abide in Me and you shall grow daily in the Knowledge of My Peace Peace: Knowledge Vanessa Bray
Read 74 11 2006 Quicken Thou me, I would be alive with Thy Life Life Mada James
Read 76 1 2008 Cleanse and heal our hearts and minds and unite us in Your Spirit of Peace Peace Rosemary Callender
Read 76 6 2008 Let the healing Power of My forgiveness well up in your heart and mind Power Pat Bullamore
76 8 2008 Let my heart, mind, and body be one with Your LIfe within me Life Anne Duffin
Read 78 1 2010 In Your presence is fullness of Joy Joy Sue Renwick
Read 78 5 2010 I am the Spirit of Truth, your High Counsellor within Truth Joan Lay
Read 80 11 2012 I am your loving Life within you, your Substance, your rest, your abiding place and there is no separation Substance; Life Anne Duffin
Read 81 2 2013 Eternal Beauty within me, fill my heart with Your Light, Your Wisdom and Your Joy Beauty;Light;Wisdom;Joy Pat Bullamore
Read 82 1 2014 Be still,and let My Peace enfold you, My Love sustain you. Peace; Love Frances Brooks
Read 84 9 2016 Send out your light and our truth and let them lead me light;truth